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You Need Your Driver’s License!

A driver’s license plays a big part in the lives of most people. You need it to drive to work, drop your children off at school, pick up groceries, get to appointments and so much more. That’s why you should never surrender your driver’s license without a fight. Additionally, you should work through all available legal channels to have it reinstated as fully and quickly as possible.

A knowledgeable and experienced driver’s license attorney can help you regain your driving privileges. When you need an experienced lawyer to assist you in restoring driving privileges, contact Thorwaldsen and Malmstrom PLLP. We provide services in the Northwestern Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota areas.

You Can Lose Your License for Various Reasons

Being arrested for DWI is one of the most common reasons for having a driver’s license suspended or revoked. However, there are various other situations in which you could end up losing your driving privileges. Some of these reasons include excessive speeding, habitual moving violations, failure to maintain sufficient insurance coverage, leaving the scene of an accident, or unpaid child support.

The Limited License Option

Not having a valid driver’s license makes life difficult. The good news is, you may apply to have your driving privileges reinstated in one capacity or another. This could be such as with a work permit, limited license, or hardship license. This will enable you to drive for specific reasons and only during certain hours. In some instances, the revocation may be overturned altogether. Scenarios that may make a limited driver’s license possible include:

  • Employment or full-time homemaker status.
  • Needing transportation to work, school or treatment.
  • Lack of public transportation options or rideshare programs.
  • Not having been convicted of a DWI or DUI within the past 10 years.
  • Blood alcohol content under .16 when voluntarily tested.

Get Your License Back After a DWI

In 2017, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety reported that one out of every seven licensed drivers in Minnesota had at least one DWI on their record. Furthermore, 32% of vehicle crash fatalities in the state were alcohol-related. These sobering statistics have resulted in more stringent DWI and DUI laws, featuring lower BAC levels and greater consequences, including large fines, jail time, and license suspensions.

Act Quickly to Reinstate Your License After a DWI Arrest

The Department of Motor Vehicles may revoke your driver’s license before you are even charged with a DWI or DUI, based on your blood alcohol test results. Even if you are ultimately found not guilty of driving while intoxicated, the loss of your license may stand if you don’t take the appropriate steps to address the situation.

You may petition the court to have a judge review the revocation and reinstate your license. In Minnesota, this must be done within 30 days of receiving the revocation notice. In North Dakota, you only have 10 days to do so. You should act quickly and contact an experienced DWI/DUI attorney to help you through the process.

Ignition Interlock Program

Installing an alcohol ignition interlock device on your vehicle may enable you to drive after a DWI or DUI conviction. In Minnesota, the program is available to individuals with more than one DWI, or to first-time offenders whose blood alcohol content was above .16. The program is also open to other DWI offenders.

While it is expensive, participation will reinstate some of your driving privileges so that you can work, attend school, transport your children, etc. Additionally, using an ignition interlock device may help to decrease or eliminate your jail sentence.

Get Your Driver’s License Reinstated in MN or ND

If you live in the Detroit Lakes area, Northwestern Minnesota, or Eastern North Dakota, and would like to learn more about having your driving privileges reinstated following a DWI or DUI, please contact Thorwaldsen and Malmstrom law office for a free consultation. We’ll help you get back behind the wheel as soon as possible.